Due to the AiM upgrade on Monday, October 12th, access to QuikFM may be disrupted for periods of time between 5PM and 9PM.
During this time, if QuikFM is not available, please report any facility maintenance needs directly to the FMD Operations Center at (804) 828-9444.
Welcome to QuikFM, your on-line customer service portal for Facility Management
QuikFM is your one-stop-shop for requesting assistance from FMD. QuikFM provides the fastest way to enter a work order or check its status.
For students
Report a problem or request a service
in the Residence Halls
For faculty and staff
Report a problem or request a service
anywhere on campus
Please submit emergency requests by calling 828-9444.
Emergencies include but are not limited to: fire, smoke, chemical or other hazardous material spills, flooding or uncontrolled water, and power outages